Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Homework and Reminder (18th Feb 2010)

1) Journal on the theme - environment (At least 7 pages) - Group Work
- Definition
- Mindmap
- Questions
- Research and findings
- Identify the need using PIES
- Existing ways of solving the problem (Tabulated, good and bad points of existing solutions.
Deadline: 25th Feb 2010, 7pm

Please email your work to Ms Seah's SST email account.

2) ADMT Test 1
Please be reminded to ask your parents to sign next to the mark on the test paper.
Bring a black ring file for filing tomorrow, 18th Feb 2010.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Group Discussion on the theme - Environment

Group Discussion on the theme - Environment. Please e mail to Ms Seah's SST e mail account.

Deadline: 12th Feb 2010

Photography (People)

Please upload 3-5 photos onto your personal ADMT blog.
Give a short write up on the photos taken.
Your photos should tell a story.

Please copy and paste the url under the comments section once you have uploaded the photos.
Make sure that you written your name on the comments.

Miscellaneous: When is the best time for photography?

You may refer to the following website for reference,

Deadline: 17th Feb 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photography (Research and Findings) - Individual Work

Please consolidate the following and post it in your ADMT personal blog.

1) Different types of photography
2) Equipments
3) Aperture
4) Focus
5) Shutter Speed
6) ISO speed
7) Metering
8) White Balance
9) Composition (Rules)
10) Techniques

Title of post: Photography
Copy and paste the url of your post at the comment section of this post.
Make sure that you end off the comments with your name.
Please be reminded to bring your camera for the lesson on Friday, 12 Feb 2010.

Deadline: Friday, 12 Feb 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Isometric and Perspective Sketching

Class work : No. 1, 5, 9
Homework: No. 2, 6, 10

Two Point Perspective:
Class work: No. 1
Homework: No. 12

Deadline: Friday, 5th Feb 2010