Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Cheng Zhi Chao

How can we save the Earth? There are a lot of ways to do it and I am sure everyone can take the initiative to help, too. For instant, we should conserve natural resources.

I once read that the world's supply of oil was going to run out in about 50 to 100 years time. and the world's supply of coal would deplete in half that time. And we can all see how many people depend on these fossil fuels for profit and for everyday use. If they were to all disappear one day, there would probably have no vehicles, no electricity, and no heat for cooking, etc. The world would be a terrible place to live in. But it is much worse problem than that. Besides fossil fuels, metals like gold and iron, and usable water are in short supply. If we do not have clean water to drink, the Human race would be history. And without most metals, we would not have tools for everyday work and everyone would probably have to become coolies like back in 19th century Singapore.

The second problem Man is facing is caused by Man himself - pollution. No matter where, air, land, or water, you can find pollution. Pollution is like dirtying our environment. Dumping industrial wastes illegally in a river, throwing large amounts of rubbish on land and filling the air with clouds of toxic gases are just some of the many ways of pollution. Now many might wonder what are the impacts of pollution on the environment. Well, again, too much pollution can mean the downfall of mankind. And here is an example. Let's say a factory produces too much toxic gases. Trees can help clean the air but they all died of land pollution. Rotting rubbish underground created poisons that killed all the trees. The poisons also leaked into the waters, killing the fish and other marine creatures. Then, meanwhile, the toxic gases float up to the clouds and come down as acid rain. The acid rain would pollute what is left of the waterways and reservoirs.

This is all very appalling, but there are ways to cope with this situation.

Firstly, conserve electricity and fossil fuels by taking public transport. And at the same time, find an environmentally - friendly way to operate automobiles. 

Secondly, practice the 3Rs, reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce and recycle old non-biodegradable objects, like plastics and metal. 

Thirdly, save water. Turn off taps after using them. Use water for washing rice to water plants. These are practical ways to save water. If everyone can follow them, the usage of water would be less.

Lastly, dispose of rubbish well.

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