Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Classwork - 25th Aug 2010

In groups of 4 (different from the group that you were in previously, try to group with people whom you have not shared your ideas with so that you can have another perspective to your ideas)

1) Present your ideas to your group
2) Listeners, look out for the following

i) Is the situation clear during the presentation?
ii) Do you know the purpose of having the product?
iii) Does the presenter use a few sketches to explain how the idea works? e.g. for walking stick, sketches showing how the walking is opened or closed, if it is used to hang things, how is the product used to hang things? All these has to be demonstrated using sketches.
iv) Referring to the rubrics, tell the presenter how he would score for organization, subject knowledge and graphics.

The cycle continues with the next presenter.

Presenter, please make changes to your presentation slides accordingly.

Next presentation:26th Aug 2010
(First 5 students of the class register are to get ready for the presentation)

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