Wednesday, September 15, 2010

T4Wk1 - Coursework Deadlines


Name the file:
Index no._Name_Journal

The Journal should include relevant research, observations and product ideas that you have captured in this project, and your evaluation of them. This should be concluded with how your product is supposed to resolve the problem that you are tackling, and your finalised product idea. It should preferably be done in Pages and should be able to explain sufficiently the processes involved in coming out with the final product.

Deadline for first submission of journal: 24th Sept 2010

Multi-media Presentation

The plan for the multimedia presentation should be done in the form of storyboarding or in pages format. Name the file: Index no._Name_MMPlan and submit the work into the submit folder by 20th Sept 2010.

The deadline for the completed multi-media presentation is on the 8th Oct 2010 (Term 4 Wk 4). You are to name your file: Index No._Name_MM_Product name. You are to submit your work into the ADMT submit folder. Marks would be deducted for late submission.

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